Watercolor: Teabo

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The watercolors range from realistic pieces to representational abstracts, the latter of which have been on the New York and International exhibition scene.

Measurements are given in inches and represent the actual size of the image (excludes any matting or framing).

All works are copyrighted and may not be downloaded, copied, or reproduced in any way, for any reason. 

Teabo: Confetti for the Parade of Souls, watercolor, 22x30. (detail)
"Confetti for the Parade of Souls", 22" X 30", detail.

Under low light or fluorescent light the multi-colored rectangles that make up the front part of the steps will be the most noticeable objects in the painting and look like falling confetti. The figures on the planes parade around and the floating blue figures are souls. Someone once estimated the total number of figures to be around 68,000. 


Teabo: Left is Right, watercolor, 22x30. (detail).
"Left is Right", 22" X 30", detail.

Green figures create a pattern that flows from left to right. Red figures create a pattern that circles the green figures. The painting is divided into three panels that change from 2-D to 3-D and then back to 2-D. If the painting is folded in half, the left side matches the right side. When viewed from a distance the patterns form cubes.



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