Pen and Ink: Teabo

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Pen & Ink

The pen & ink works range from realistic pieces to representational abstracts, the latter of which have been on the New York and International exhibition scene.

Measurements are given in inches and represent the actual size of the image (excludes any matting or framing). All works are copyrighted and may not be downloaded, copied, or reproduced in any way, for any reason.

Teabo: Dolce far Niente, ink. "Dolce far Niente" (Sweet Idleness), 30" X 40".

If the viewer begins at the door just left of center and starts "walking", the trip circles from left to right, from top to bottom, splits and doubles back intersecting itself a number of times. One trail continues to the lower left, turns to intersect its own path, then continues toward a door, passes behind it, and ends at the circle a the top of the picture. Figures are on various trails, in the swimming pool, in the hot air balloon, and hanging on the lamp post.


Teabo: Shadow Boxin', ink. "Shadow Boxing", 13" X 15".

The figures on the bottom tier are the "shadows" of the figures on the top tier, i.e., they mimic their image (except for one figure on the top tier who has no "shadow"). There are 684 figures on the top tier and 683 figures on the bottom tier.


Teabo: In Plane Site, ink. "In Plane Site", 13" X 15", detail.

There are three tiers of figures. Each plane is shadowed to add more dimensionality. The figures act independently, bearing no relation to any other figure on the tier.


Teabo: In Plane Site, ink, (detail). "In Plane Site", 13" X 15", detail.  
Teabo: Tuesday Afternoon, ink. "Tuesday Afternoon", 20" X 30".

This was the first work in the "Afternoon" series and the only one made entirely of dots (shadows too). There are 101 figures. This was finished on a Tuesday afternoon as the song "Tuesday Afternoon" by the Moody Blues played on the radio.


Teabo: Tuesday Afternoon, ink, (detail). "Tuesday Afternoon", 20" X 30", detail.  
Teabo: Wreck Tangles, ink. Wreck Tangles, 15" X 21"

Dots create 3-D triangles, cubes, and stairs for the figures in this drawing.





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