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Teabo photo: robin


Some of the clients for projects include:

Allegheny Properties, WV - commercial art
Allegheny Wood, WV - commercial art
Ashland Oil Company, WV - commercial art
Balls Sporting Goods, WV - signage
Bay Soaring, MD - commercial art
Black Bear Woods Resort, WV - signage, artist rendering, commercial art, fine art
Bluestone Furniture Company, WV - signage
Brooke's Landing Restaurant, WV - commercial art, fine art
Central Tie & Lumber, WV - signage, wall graphic, fine art,  logo
Conkey & Sons, PA - logo
Cookman Insurance, WV - fine art, commercial photography
Danine Rydland, MD - fine art, wall murals
Eastern WV Community Action Agency, WV - signage
Fayette County Arts Council, WV - fine arts, consulting
Federal Correctional Institution, WV - interior design
Fort Hill Motel, WV  - logo, stationery
Grant County Arts Council, WV - fine art, consulting
Grant County Bank, WV
Grant County Day Care, WV
Grant County Chamber of Commerce, WV
Grant County Industrial Development Authority, WV - commercial Photography
Grant County Press, WV
Grant Memorial Hospital, WV - signage, wall graphics
Highlands Arts Council, WV
Highlander Restaurant, WV - logo design, stationery
Highlands Bankshares, WV - logo design
Hinton Daily News, WV - signage
Holiday Inn, WV - logo, mascot design
I Inter-Mountain Daily News, WV - photography
Kleen Sweep Stables, WV
Mattingly Builders, WV
McGinnis Construction, WV
McDowell County Arts Council, WV - fine art
Mingo County Arts Council, WV - fine art
Nature Niche, WV - web design
On Track Video, WV - signage
Panera - web design, consulting
Paper Expressions, VA - stationery designs
Peppermint Sticks, PA - Logo design, bandstand graphics, album cover.
Petersburg Motors, WV - signage
Pipestem Stables, WV - signage, mascot design
Phi Kappa Phi, WVU - web design
Pizza Hut - web design, consulting
Pizza Pub, WV - signage
Potomac Highlands Mental Health Guild, WV
Recycled Paper Products, WV - stationary designs
RESA VIII, WV - commercial art
Shepherd College, WV - web design
Shepherd Community & Technical College, WV
Summers County Library, WV - signage
Timberline Ski Resort, WV - brochure illustration, artists rendition from blueprints; logo, signage
Training Network Team, WV - logo, brochure design, consulting
Tri-County Fair Association, WV - judge, signage
US Forest Service, WV - maps, brochure illustration
Valley View Golf, WV - signage
Video Den, WV - signage
Virginia Council for Exceptional Children - web design
West Virginia Adventures, WV - mascot creation & design
West Whitehill Winery, WV - web design, commercial photography
Winegardner & Hammons, Inc., WV - mascot creation & design
Woodlands Institute, WV - technical illustrations for booklet

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